Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New story alert: Story of Siphathos thando “These Tears” [Intro]


Let us listen to the story of a young African woman who has gone through all the realities of life. The story is likely a painful one…

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You know life never turns out the way you want it to turn out. Challenges come and go and some challenges unfortunately put an end to people’s lives. Well in my case my own challenges are the reason why I am stuck with 2 kids, different fathers, successful but sadly me finding love has never been an achievement.

Which is pretty why I am a single parent. My name is Siphathos thando Iris Sobahle, 28years of age, own a catering and hiring company and studying criminal law at the same time. My kids Sipahle Liandra Sobahle(10) and Imbasa Ezakiel Sobahle(7) are my life.

We stay in a 5 bedroom house in Fairlands, surburb close to Randburg in Johannesburg. My kids go to Wendywood Primary in Sandton, its quite a hustle taking them to school everyday but atleast their uncle brings them back home in the evening. I have 2 brothers, they both older than me and our parents are living a luvish life with their spouses.

I am not much of a friendly person as I used to be growing up, I have been betrayed by friends many times before. When my life was falling apart while I was still pregnant with Imbasa, I decided to put an end to that misery.

I had to cut out all my friends, moved to a new place, started everything from crash. Since his father and I broke it off I made a mental note never to be involved in any relationship and just focus on my kids and family.

Life has always been a bumpy road for me but through the Grace of God I managed to pull through for my kids as hard as everything was…


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