Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New song alert: Zoolake by Trizzle37



My close friends decided to drag me out of the house on a Saturday. I originally thought we were going to grab some food, then we ended up at Zoolake. We went to the lake and got on a little paddle boat, chilled and talked that’s pretty much where the inspiration for the song came from.


   With this song I really want to inspire my generation who are full of life and energy to channel that energy to propel them towards their goals. We are only young once and unfortunately this is when we face the most distractions, be it  women, toxic relationships, drinking parties, drugs, series or just this desire to loaf around and do nothing. A lot of us have become complacent. Many of our parents have sentenced us to four years of education to get a degree that does not match with what we want to do in life and what’s sad is that many have given up on their true life’s desires because of it. This is a song to say you can still be what you want to be and be great at if you put in the work and stay diligent. I am a third year economics student BUT I’m also an artist, you see!  So nothing is impossible, keep striving, keep believing, have faith and you can be all that you want to be in this life.

                               Tanaka Trizzle Mutizwa

Listent to zoolake by Trizzle37



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