Sunday, November 17, 2019

Namibian Woman Arrested After Being Found With Cocaine worth R2 million In Brazil


WINDHOEK – A 26-year-old Namibian woman has been arrested in Brazil after being caught red handed in possession of cocaine worth R2 million.

The woman, identified as Mesia Ndinombili Antonius, was arrested at Sao Paulo international airport on August 9 before embarking on a plane.

According to the head of the drug law enforcement unit of the Namibia police, Deputy Commissioner Fabian Musweu, Antonius left Namibia on August 2 this year through Angola.

She was allegedly found with 4kg of cocaine wrapped around her body during the arrest.

Antonius is the sixth Namibian woman arrested in Brazil for drug trafficking in recent years.

Five Namibian women have been arrested for drug trafficking in Brazil during the past three years. They are currently out on parole and doing community service in the South American country.

“We have a lot of Namibian girls there (Brazilian jails). We are alerting others that one of the girls is arrested and they must stop going there,” said Musweu.

Meanwhile, Namibian police confiscated drugs worth R760 650 during August.

A total of 141 suspects were arrested, with 133 being Namibians. Five Angolans, two Congolese and one Zimbabwean make up the rest of the arrests.

August recorded a low bust of drugs compared to other months this year which recorded over a million.

Musweu explained that this could either mean that the police have stopped the drug traffickers or they haven’t managed to arrest them. He explained that the number of suspects arrested is many but the drugs found on them are of low quantity. “We didn’t have a major bust,” he stated.

Topping the list of drugs confiscated is cannabis with a value of R688 690. Police also seized 30 grams of cannabis plant worth R300. Police further seized 352 mandrax tablets valued at R42 240. Police also seized 237 units of crack cocaine worth R23 700, five grams of cocaine valued at R2 500 and Yes cigarettes worth R3 220



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