Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Minister bans the use of the term Anglophone Region in favour of North West and South West and South west regions


One of the latest entering our desk is that  Minister Mounouma Foutso has banned those in his ministry from using the term Anglophone regions, he insists  that they should be called North West or South west regions.

This ban of the term Anglophone regions was done in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Civic Education.
This ban from Minister Mounouna Foutsou on July 28 2017 replaces the term Anglophone Regions to “North West or South West Regions”.
In the circular, the minister made it crtstal clear to his collaborators to avoid using the words Anglophone Regions. To him, it’s preferable they use the term ‘North West or South West Regions’, because there is no Anglophone Regions in Cameroon, he reiterates.

The decision taken by this ministry is seen by many Anglophones as a way of wiping their history




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