Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Meet the oldest Cameroonian government worker in post for 43 years


For 43 years today, Ernest Ela Evina the General Manager of the national center for the study and experimentation of agricultural machinery (CENEEMA) has been in post. That is since 1974.

Eventhough he was posted during the Ahidjo’s regime, the law then on public enterprises stipulated that the duration of a mandate must not exceed 9(nine) years which still applies to the Biya’s regime.

Mr.Evina has made himself rare and lowkey to the face of the public; maybe not to attract critics. He is the only Genera manager of a state owned company with a decree signed by the 1st president of Cameroon -Ahidjo.

The scandalous nature of his record-breaking longetivity is now exacerbated by its illegality.

As of this june session, the Camerian parliament recently adopted a law on the general statue of public enterprises which states in article 70(2) that…

“The general manager is appointed for a term of office of three (3) years, possibly renewable twice.”

A paragraph of thesame article specifies that…

“In all cases, the cumulative mandates of the General manager may not exceed nine(9) years.”

We hope justice be observed for this our General manager in a life position.

But the question that arises is wether President Biya will eventually resolve tto respect the law that has just been passed by the paliament where his party -CPDM has had an obese majority.



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