Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Measures put in place to ensure Cameroon’s hosting of the AFCON 2019 by President Paul Biya


The AFCON drama continues, this time around its the turn of president Paul Biya. This he did by sighing a  Presidential decree signed recently by wich created a local organizing committee in charge of the 2019 African Cup of Nations to be organized in Cameroon.

According to President Paul Biya the committee is headed by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education supported by the president of the Cameroon Football Federation.
The essence of the committee is to work for a successful organization of the AFCON 2019 competition.
This decision from the head of state who also doubles as the number one sportsman in Cameroon, comes to confirm what he said recently at the Unity Palace.

While receiving the Cameroonian athletes who took part in the just ended Francophonie games in Ivory Coast, His excellency Paul Biya technically replied the CAF’s President Ahmad Ahmad, by saying that Cameroon will be ready to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations. He added that fateful day that he will personally supervise the construction and maintenance of the different platforms to host this continental jamboree that will this time around host 24 African Countries not 16 as it has always been the case.

It should be recalled that the Confederation of African Football president, during an interview on Burkina Faso’s State Television said he doubts Cameroon’s ability to host the 2019 African Cup Of Nations.
That statement of late has brought widespread criticism from some Cameroonian high level spots men, with some of them questioning how the CAF’s President Ahmad Ahmad came about with the statistics when an inspection team is yet to visit Cameroon.

This decision from President Paul Biya, many hope, will go a long way to stop the criticisms that have been taking rounds on social media, television stations and on Radio stations within and without Cameroon.




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