Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Man beaten by his blind wife – Zim


Man beaten by his blind wife

A Zimbabwean man by name Felix Dube takes his blind wife to court for battering and emotional tourture
Before a court in Bulima Mr. Dube an accountant at the Ministry of Basic education ask the court to grant him an “order of protection” against his blind wife Mrs. Vusile Dube.

According to Mr. Dube his wife has a habit of always insulting him before his children and also attempting to kill herself, all this to emotionally torture him.

Before the court, Mr. DUbe said

“My wife has attacked me on multiple counts. She also used my phone to attack me. She has taken my car and other valuables objects with the help of her parents. She uses vulgar languages on me in front of our children who are still minors. She has also locked me home on multiple occasions and also locked me outside forcing me to sleep in my car, she has even torn my dresses, I love my wife but I ask this court to grant me an “order of protection” because I also love my life. She torments me”

On her own part, Mrs. Dube refuses the allegations demanding that the “order of protection” be given to both of them, she then says…

My husband benefits from my handicap to attack me knowing that I can’t retaliate, I have never disturbed him or seized his valuable objects or torn his clothes. He is the one who has confiscated my valuable objects and has even seized my bank card which has prevented me from paying my medical bills
The case however ends with the judge deciding to grant the couple an “order of protection

Source: AfrikMag



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