Monday, December 10, 2018
Blue Poetry

Love Story (part 1)~israel blue


Love cannot fully be based on what we seeIf not blind men won’t fall in love 

Some people dream too Much of big things that they Ignore the little things wich are growing beside them
How do you dream of getting married to a prince when u yourself is not a princess…?
Birds flock with their type, so if your dream is to get married to a great man, then start by making yourself a great woman. 

Most people play in their relationships hoping that when they get married they would settle down.
Forgetting to know that most of our habits follow us even to our deathbeds.

Nothing is built in one day
Love never dies but there are days that it goes completely silent…
It is in those times when love is tested that we know if your love was just some feeling or if truly it existed… 

picture credits: @azie_dee 



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