Saturday, November 17, 2018

Littoral Region: Archbishop Samuel Kleda Archdiocese Advises Biya Not To Run For The 2018 Presidential Elections


The President of the National Episcopal Conference, has advised the President of the Republic of Cameroon, to not to contest the 2018 Presidential election.

Speaking to the press recently, the Archbishop of Douala Archdiocese Samuel Kleda noted that he has observed that the English speaking Cameroonians are quite receptive to the messages of the “secessionists”, meaning that it’s these “secessionists” that will provide solutions to the socio-economic problems.

Reiterating that though, the Biya regime has repeatedly declared that it’s out of question to discuss with “secessionists”.

The prelate went ahead to disclose that since the “secessionists” have the ears of the Anglophone population, there will be no solution to the stalemate without their assistance.

Archbishop Samuel Kleda, while warning that the Anglophones are organizing themselves into fractions of fighters to response to killings of civilians, he urged the government to call for a National dialogue with Anglophone “secessionists” to seek solution to the Crisis in favour of the interest of the Country.

While strongly condemning the burning of Schools in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, Mgr. Kleda, went ahead to condemn the violence perpetrated on both the government and the civilians, emphasizing that only sincere “National Dialogue” and not the use of “force” will solve the problem.

Reacting to the repeated motion of supports calling on President Paul Biya to seek a re-run of the 2018 elections, he pointed out that a country can never advance when a President stay in power for too long.

“If President Paul Biya really loves our Country, he should instead think of a peaceful transition of power to another Cameroonian. He should not contest the Presidential election”.

Adding that Cameroon is in dying need of a new head of state.

Lambasted on the attitudes of some African leaders who according to him, have “eternalised” their stay in power.



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