Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Kondengui: the boss of the MIDA well beaten by the prison guards


On November 27, 2018, early in the afternoon, the courthouse of Yaounde administrative center, had a thrilling moment. Mr. Foe Amougou and his co-accused, who have been imprisoned for a few months at Yaoundé-Kondengui Central Prison, have given an unpublished show to patrons of this place of return from a hearing held at the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Mfoundi.

The boss of the Mida responded that day to a summons of the court relating to facts of fraud not related to the case that led to his incarceration, the file Mida.

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The judgment was postponed until January 2019 by Judge Datchoua. At the moment of joining their cells, a misunderstanding will set them against the prison guards. The president of the Mida and his brother who had already taken place in the truck which regularly transports the prisoners of their stronghold to the courthouse, have renounced to continue the journey by this means of transport, described as “filthy“. They will get off the vehicle against the wishes of the prison guards to join the bus more soft, chartered for the transport of detainees known as VIP who had just arrived.

This incident will result in an altercation between the two detainees and the staff of the prison guards who accompanied them. For nearly an hour, handcuffed, the bosses of the Mida, who refused to go back in the truck full of prisoners inflamed by the show, decided to lie on the ground, creating a show that will drain a crowd of curious people in front of the entrances to the courthouse. An attempt to persuade the two men to get back into the truck will be futile.

Prison guards then use force. Mr. Foe and his companion present at that time are seized by force and thrown into the vehicle like common pigs. Alerted, the leaders of the prison will arrive with a slight delay on the scene, the truck having taken the road with its occupants.




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