Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Karabo’s killer says she commited suicide


The famous Sandile Mantsoe appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court and still refuses the fact that he killed his late girl friend Karabo for rituals.

I further deny that I disclosed to the police officer that I killed Karabo. If such a statement was made it would have been a confession.

The investigating officer on the case said before the court that Karabo and himself had initiated themselves in a blood pact aiming at making his business boost.

Sandile and Karabo even had tattoos as a sign to show how strong their blood pact bond was said the investigating officer. Sandile denied the alligations and even says he can show up all his body and no one will see any tattoo.

Sandile also adds that just like any other business man his business had ups and downs and he was able to pay his debts.

He says he never had no reason to kill Karabo just because they broke-up.

When his bail was been processed last month‚ they read his affidavit to the court. In it‚ he claimed he was out on a business trip and only came home to find sandile’s lifless body in  apartment in Sandton.

He said, he  beleives she took her own life.

And out of fear since he had already been known by everyone as an abusive lover and will be accused obviously by everyone for her death, he then decided to take her body to the bin where he later on transported it to Lyndhurst where he burnt it with a tyre, petrol and acid.

The case was adjoined for June 30 where Magistrate Carlo Labuschagne said he would like to give his ruling.

What do you think should be Sandile’s penalty?





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