Saturday, November 17, 2018

Kampala: Nurse Caught Drugging Patients And Raping Them.


Kampala: Nurse Caught Drugging Patients And Raping Them.
A Female patient was alledgly drugged by a Ugandan nurse assistant and later on raped and rumours says she is presently pregnant.

Samuel Tumukuratire (29) according to the Daily Monitor cofessed to have been using the same method. His routine of raping female patients left in his care was finally exposed to light at the Najeera hospital, North of Kampala.

In his confession, he mentioned the fact that he always made the client beleive they were HIV+ and to confirm to them they were, he drugged them instead of taking their blood samples for testing. And raped them afterwards.

The senario that brought to light the evil act of the nurse is the case of woman whom after a checkup realized three months later that she was pregnant which according to her was not normal following the fact that her husband was abraod at the time and she had not had any form of intercourse for a year.

The woman reported the her plight to the cops and after the cops confronted Tumukuratire, he confessed that he had drug the woman and raped her.

He has not yet pleaded and his case is due to be heard at the High Court on 18 August.



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