Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Justin Bierber blacklisted from performing in China


Justin Bieber joins the list of blacklisted musicians to perform in China. 

This news came up as a result of one of his fans based in China questioning the municipality as to why no arrangements are made after Bierber announced his Asia tour. 

He was responded accordingly that Bierber won’t be allowed to perform in their territory due to his numerous act of ‘bad behavior and obscene language’ 

This is not the first time Bieber is causing such trends on social platforms. 

In 2014, he visited a controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo that pays tribute to convicted criminals and honors fallen warriors. Wheres he took pictures and published on his social platforms. 

The said shrine is considered a symbol of Japan not honoring its history. This got China very angry and Bierber apologized and deleted the pictures. 



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