Friday, April 20, 2018

Just like Anglophones, Beti elites are pleading the president should also remove some of their prisoners


Not only Anglophones are seeking for the liberation of prisoners, now it’s the turn of the Betis, their plea was made to President Paul Biya to show clemency on some Beti prisoners jailed for embezzling State Funds.
The call was made by a class of political elite from Beti origin in the Center region of Cameroon exclusively in the french language.

In the press release addressed to the President of the Republic His excellency Paul Biya and carrying five signatures from different persons, the Patriarchs of the Tribe of the Beti’s, told the head of state that “if the Anglophones who were responsible for ‘gross’ crimes against the State like ‘secession’ and the burning of the flag, could be forgiven and released, then he can as well, in that same spirit of forgiveness, order the release of other citizens who were charged with crimes against the state from Beti origin.




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