Monday, December 17, 2018
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After Being Involved in smoking, Maliah Obama returns with a T-Shirt labelled “Smoking Kills”




After Obama’s term in the White House came to an end, it was of personal responsibility to look after his kids as a father. Barely 18, his daughter Malia is still admitted to the most prestigious university in the world. And during a recent outing with her classmates, she was surprised smoking a cigarette that many have described as illicit, some have even advanced the name of marijuana. This immediately raised a public outcry on the web.

Obama has been spotted smoking before. In 2016, she was caught on camera with a cigarette and a boy before the Harvard-Yale football game. In August 2016, a festival goer in Chicago claimed to have seen Malia smoking marijuana.

After smoking Malia Obama returns with a T-shirt '' Smoking kills '' Video

Apart from this, Maliah Obama has equally been engaged in some unpleasant activities. She was seen in 2016 in a Night Club in Amsterdam.

Although she is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world, she still wants to live as a teenage girl who is also entitled to the pleasures of youth. She does not hide her attraction to delirious evenings, rap … even though she has been much criticized for her attitude, Malia returns with a very strong message to prove to the eyes of the world that she keeps control. She showed herself in public with a t-shirt on which was written: “Smoking Kills”.

Many wonder if the incription on her t-shirt was actually a sincerer message, or she just coincidentally had it



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