Monday, October 15, 2018

Increased military presence in the towns of Bamenda and Buea has left many wondering why


Inhabitants of Buea and Bamenda where taken by surprise on Monday, August 7,when they woke up and discovered major streets in their Region filled with uniform officers.

One unidentified source says that government has increased the military presence in these two towns for fear of a possible attack
According to him, it was in bid to pre-empt any attack that hundreds of them were ferried in at the depth of the night with armoured vehicles and weapons and stationed at strategic positions to secure the city and fight back in case of an attempt on Buea or Bamenda.

The heavy presence of military officers in Buea, chief town of the Southwest Region, has also led to a corresponding increase in the number of citizens in police and gendarme custody, as those found at certain period of the day without their national identity cards are ferried into custody.
Tongues are already wagging that the troops may have been drafted in on Sunday breaking Monday when there was an unexplained black out in Buea.
It is even rumoured that the blackout was used to slip in the troops into the Regions.
Many people who spoke to The Post said, the energy company, ENEO, has become a citizenly friendly company in recent months.
According to them, before ceasing electricity, the company often issued media announcements, informing the population that there will be no electricity from a certain period of the day.
“But the August 6 blackout, which lasted for over one day, was unprecedented. This was unlike ENEO, which often informs its clients about any blackout, so I knew that something was amiss,” our one of our respondents said.

Life has not been easy for most of the troops who have to battle the cold while living in harsh conditions.
In a bid to battle the harsh climatic conditions, constant exercises, punctuated by brief breaks, midnight roll calls have been instituted to keep the troops alert and ready to quell any attack.
Communications between the troops and their family members are have been barred during working hours. Strict military discipline has also been instituted, to prevent the troops from careless drinking in bars, which is considered dangerous to their mission




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