Friday, December 14, 2018

“I’m A Lesbian” Zodwa Reveals To Her Fans


“I’m A Lesbian” Zodwa Reveals To Her Fans

The famous female South African dancer of all time has openly disclosed her social status as she unveils the other part of her life. She discloses to her fans on Wednesday that she is lesbian and has been one for a long time now as she presents her girlfriend her fans. She says at first she was ashamed of that but very proud now to openly reveal her real self to her fans.

In an interview with Metro Fm Zodwa said: “I have dabbled with men before, but I’m lesbian and looking for a female partner that I want to settle down with.”

As she broke the fact of her being a Lesbian, some her male fans were so disappointed and some could be heard demanding their money. She also shocked her fans when she made mention of the fact that she was in a private relationship with Caster Semenya before they broke earlier this year. Close sources to us revealed that her new girlfriend name is Thusi and is allegedly a daughter of a renowned business man in Pretoria.



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