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The hunt for dreads by ‘Dread Thieves in S.A’


The hunt for dreads by ‘Dread Thieves in S.A’

Having dreads in South Africa is not like having them in any other part of the world.

Dreads is an afro hair style which originated from blacks. Dreads is widely known for it’s unique look and beauty on both women and men.

Anyone with dreads will love to show off to everyone how long his/her dreads are. But in S.A it is not the case. People with dreads hide their hair for the fear of being robbed of their dreads by ‘dread thieves’.

Thieves hunt people with with dreads because to carter for dreads is expensive and also because they are sold at reasonable prices in the black market.

For dreads owners, dreads is not just the simple hairstyle we all see. For them it is more than a hairstyle;

“my dread is my spirit” said one.

Sandra Angodi, a victim of dread thieves.

“You cannot take some other person’s hair and put on your own. That is a Taboo. It is something we as Africans never did.” She said.
“It is the same way as raping me.”She added

The trade in human hair is becoming a profitable business in South Africa. The thieves don’t only limit themselves to stealing dreads.

They also steal brazilian hairs. A remark has been made that in most of the shop looting that has been taking place in S.A, the thieves steal a large amount of natural hair.

Women should be careful and watch out for their dreads when they walk by taxi ranks and busy places – an advise from one of the victims.

“it is very scary when they are about stealing your dreads, because you can’t tell if the knife is going to your neck or to your hair” says another victim.

Even though some people sell their dreads out of frustration, others see it to be dirty.

Do you think buying/selling of dreads is a good practice?





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