Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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How to renovate a kitchen on a budget.


updating your home. Breath a new life into your kitchen with these affordable makeover ideas.✓ Consider having your existing doors professionally spray painted or brushed for a rustic finish.

 Spray painting is way better than painting with a brush, which can cause blobs and drips in the grooves of the door profile.

✓ replace cabinet doors. It’s an economical choice. However, bear in mind, especially with older kitchens, that you may have to replace the hinges as well. 

Not all cabinets are created equal – kitchen cabinet door manufacturers only supply standard sizes but we can make and Cut to size any door.

 With the new doors , you’ll also want to fit new hardware to complete the transformation. 

✓ Countertops. Installing new and up-to-date countertops might be what your kitchen needs. 

There is a wide variety of countertops from post foam, stone, granite or ceaserstone. All these we measure and ensure there cut to fit perfectly.

 Consideration should be made on the maintenance, durability and health benefits of the different counter tops.

✓ Lighting. Modern pendants or other accent lighting fixtures add instant elegance to a kitchen.

You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen. 

Most kitchens have insufficient lighting for all the tasks that take place in this busy room.

 There are lower-cost options such as LED rope and strip lighting, which can be fitted under wall-mounted cabinets.

Storage space in a kitchen is at a premium, and you can incorporate open shelving for both a visually attractive and practical solution.

 Use shelves to declutter countertops or display some of your favorite pieces. 

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