Saturday, November 17, 2018

How can you solve a problem you never created-Youth leader ask Cameroon national youth council’s president.


The subdivisional President of the Cameroon National Youth council for Bamenda I subdivision has rubbished the recent outing of the national president of the Cameroon National Youth Council to Ndop in the North West Region of Cameroon.

He made the statement recently during an exclusive interview with Santa Meteo Radio’s Laarry Ucheena
According to Pascal Chengeng the sensitization in to communities is good, but he sees it to be a desperate effort? “who is chosing the so called youths to do the sensitization and how equiped are those to do the sensitisation in terms of knowledge and financial means?How organised are the youths? Who ensures their security as they move in to quarters to meet an unknown population some welcoming and some filled with anger and grief about their family members in jail.? What if a family chose to vomit it anger on you, who takes care? The task in my opinion is reserved for councillors who are experts to council parents about the importance of education to kids which I believe they already know”.
The Bamenda I subdivisional president reitereted that the youths might just be the sacreficial lamb send to do the magic and succeed where their superiors have failed.
They according to Pascal Chengeng, are send to flog a dead horse. He went ahead to appeal that a Cameroon National Youth Council General Assembly for North West and South West be called that envolve the members at all levels for them to be drilled and educated on how to appeal to parents on this hot potatoes they are about to blindly inherit.
As a leader, i prescribed that all youths association be rallied and equip before venturing on such an adventure, he added.

The no nonesense youth leader for Bamenda I municipality, proposed that let the various stake holders trace the root cause of the problem and deal with it.

According to him, the diagnosis must be done and a perfect theraphy administerd to avoid a possible future pop up of the same wahala.
Chengeng made it categorically clear that he stands for Education backed by a bright future guaranteed by jobs, jobs, jobs, and employment.
He cautioned that you can not solve a problem you did not create. Making it crystal clear that all necessary clauses must be respected in the process.
The outspoken critic and fine talker noted that the way this apolitical youth structure is crafted, it has sovereign representation at all levels, from subdivision, to division , regional level and National levels.
For him, each leader has power over his bereau considering the fact that they are all democratically elected and given mandate by the youths they represent, meaning, no body even from a higher office has access to my youths without seeking my courtesy.

Pascal Chengeng made it crystal clear that ” before participating or venturing into any thing in my area of jurisdiction, i must consult the authorities of my area, Religious,Traditional and State authorities including my Sub Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education and the chief of the multipurpose youth center because for Pascal Chengeng, Bamenda I Subdivision is not a no man’s land.
The mandate of members of the Cameroon National Youth Council elected some 4years ago, was extended to 6months by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education after it expires




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