Friday, November 15, 2019
Blue Poetry

Home grown darkness ~ Israel blue


Home grown darkness

There was this demon that kept
haunting me
its like he followed me everywhere I went
I tried spraying holy water to scare him
it didn’t work,

this demon kept growing
he kept getting darker and darker
time passed and he stil wont leave me
I lit holy candles
but that instead made him more comfortable

I got tired of this demonic cohabitation
so I called the famous exorcist
he did the incantations
but it seem like the attack was directed against me

he tried drowning the demon in ancient scripts
he tried burning him in dark rituals
the room got hot and smoky
death filled the air as the demon resisted the exorcism
and when the battle was done and silent was in the room..
when the smoke was calmed and light came in
the exorcist turned to demand his payment
he found me down on the floor
and he said… “so the demon was you”

Photo credits: @azie_dee



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