Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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High rise in selfie related deaths


The generation of the smart phone has come along with the selfie tradition. This fashionable way of taking pictures has come along with its setbacks which can be seen in the deaths and injuries suffered by many around the world
According to The Telegraph many people are killed taking selfies than shark attacks in 2015
Some good cases which can be cited is the case of a 19 old  who fell from a 20 storey building while trying to take a selfie in Manila Philippines

Another disastrous case is that of a man who shoots himself in the head while trying to take a selfie in Concrete Washington
Not leaving out the man in San Diego who was hospitalised after trying to take a selfie with a snake.
All these dangers of selfie taking did not scare the 3 Indian boys who die trying to take a selfie in front of an incoming train.
This and many other deaths has led to the prohibition of selfies  in many parts of Mumbai India


Source :Wickipedia



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