Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gov’t Delegate Of Douala Shock as his request to sack 10 staff Representatives of the Douala City Council is Rejected


The Government Delegate of the Douala City Council Dr. Fritz Ntonne Ntone has been allowed with no will-power to reintegrate some 10 Staff Representatives, he requested the minister of social security to approve their dismissal.

Dr. Fritz Ntone Ntone, disclosed that the 10 Staff in question, were the ones who encouraged their colleagues to go on rampage, they bypassed the hierarchy, and initiated the strike action to the detriment of the image of the Douala City Council.

The government delegate recalled that On April 10 2017, the staff of the Douala City Council went on rampage, demanding a health insurance coverage, and other social benefits that the law prescribes for workers. Almost 100 staff of the Council participated in the sit down strike, that paralyzed activities of the Council.

He told the minister that it was for this specific reasons that he wanted the staff representatives to be fired. Reasons why requested the minister’s full collaboration. The information was channelled to the Minister Owona through the Regional Delegate of Labour and Social Security, so that in case his decision backfires, he would have a pillar to lean on, the government delegate added.

The letter which is dated July 19 2017, is copied to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Governor of the Littoral, and the SDO for Wouri.

Contrary to Dr Fritz Ntone Ntone’s self-confident declarations,dated July 19, 2017, from Minister Gregoire Owona did not buy his idea.

Instead a correspondence from the Regional Delegate of Labour and Social Security for the Littoral indicated that Minister Gregoire Owona refused to approve the dismissal of the Staff Representatives, but rather is ordering that they be reintegrated (because they are on suspension), and their salaries while they are on suspension paid to them in full.

I have the honour to ask you to take note of my refusal to your request to dismiss 10 Staff Representatives of the Douala City Council, for lack of evidence and obstruction of the duties of the Government Delegate‘.



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