Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Google provides free WiFi service for Cape Town


Google recently announced its plans to launch its Google Station which will see various communities in Cape Town have access to free WiFi. 

Google, in partnership with Think WiFi, will ensure that several areas including Elsies River, Delft and Khayelitsha will soon have access to the internet.

The service will also be available in shopping malls and universities. 

Google’s chief business officer David Shapiro said that the Google Station will “service people with free internet where it’s really needed”.

“People in Langa, Gugulethu, Blikkiesdorp and Philippi are now able to access free internet so that they can live more empowered lives with the world’s information at their fingertips.” 

Google Africa director said that by providing free WiFi, people living in these communities will have an equal opportunity to learn and develop. 

“By gaining access to information via the internet, we hope that people in these communities will get a more equal opportunity to learn and develop and live more empowered lives.” 

Think WiFi CEO Janine Rebelo shared that this initiative powered by Google and Think WiFi will provide “provide unlimited WiFi access to communities in townships, public areas, universities, transportation hubs and shopping malls”. 



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