Saturday, November 17, 2018

Fru Ndi blast Mebe Ngo’o over the dirty nature of The Bamenda Airport 


Ni John Fru Ndi has waved the good news of Camair-Co’s pioneer launch of local flights in the North West Region of Cameroon and rather pick offenses with the Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o for launching flights in a nasty environment. 

  The national chairman of the social democratic front party, made this known during a tete t tete with the Transport boss Thursday July 20 2017 in Bafut subdivision.

  While applauding the latest development and historical gesture orchestrated by the government, Fru Ndi made it clear that, the management under the Chief executive officer Ernest Ndikoum were supposed to have ensured that the structure alongside the surrounding looks neat. The entire place was covered with grass and no one saw anything wrong in that for God’s sake, SDF chieftain lambasted. 

  Reacting to these concerns raised by the Ni John Fru Ndi, Ernest Ndikoum said Rome was not build in a day. I have been in Bamenda last week, and what I saw here today is a clear indication that alot of work has been done. Work doesn’t end here, we are still hoping to do more than you saw today, he assured the press.

  The CEO of Camair-Co said those of us who are opportune to own or use an Android phone will never hit their chest to say there have exploited the phone to its entirety. It’s a gradual process. According to him, the cost a two way flight is about 76.000 CFA F not the announced 32.000 CFA F. He reiterated that let the people of Bamenda have it behind their mind that that price tag for now is just to encourage the denizens to be acquainted to the idea and the fact that Camair-Co is now in Bamenda and is at their disposal. 

  On behalf of the government delegate to the Bamenda city council, the Secretary General,Jude Waindim said with the Bamenda/Enugu corridor fully functional, Bamenda is opened to a west African market of about 300million inhabitants. Quote “with road works very soon to kick off on the Babadjou-Bamenda stretch, the nightmare of cruising from Bamenda to Cameroon’s four regions of West, South West, Littoral and centre shall be a think of the past. 

  According to the Secretary General of the Bamenda City Council, with the C2D program of the French department agency to take off in 2018, Bamenda shall by 2022 be a tourist destination of no common compare. And today with the airs of Abakwa opened to the rest of Cameroon and to the entire world through Camair-Co, we can only say, that we are here today to welcome the beginning of a very beautiful story. Yes, ours is a very beautiful story. 

  He added that we can’t fail to remember that for most of us leaving here in Bamenda today, our very last experience of this particular airport goes back to 1988, about 30 long years ago. Jude Waindim appealed to Minister Alain Mebe Ngo’o that Camair-Co’s enthusiasm should remain forever atleast so that we could continue to enjoy the previllage of regular flights.

  On his part, while launching the inaugural flight of Cameroon Airlines Company Camair-Co, this Thursday July 20, 2017, the Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o disclosed that the people of the North West must salute the initiative of the President of the Republic His excellency Paul Biya for the plane that carried me from Yaounde to Bamenda, as it has been named “The Mantung”, derived from a river in the Region to one of the aircrafts. He said the installation and inauguration of Cameroon lone airlines company marks a new beginning in the life of the people of the North West Region. He encouraged the population to make use of it because it’s here for them.

 He ended by saluting the present of some North West elite like Ni John Fru Ndi, senator Simon Achidi Achu, Fon Angwafor of Mankon village and the Fon Bafut amongst others for their relentless support to see this pioneer Camair-Co activity a dream come true.

    The three different flights were very successful. The first carrying the Chief executive officer of the Cameroon Airlines Company Ernest Ndikoum and collaborators, the second carrying Camair-Co staff from Douala and other high level personalities from Douala and the final flight of the day carrying the Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o and entourage from Yaounde.



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