Monday, December 10, 2018

Francis Ngannou on the move towards Fame and Wealth


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The Cameroonian French Professional martial Artist Francis Ngannou gradually comes into the light of fame following his recent performance in the Heavy weight championship. Francis Ngannou was born on the 5th of September 1986, in Batie, Cameroun, and he is of mixed Cameroonian-French nationality. He lived his early life in Paris where he experienced alot of hardship and poverty.

Francis Ngannou competes in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Figting Championship UFC. And due to his recent performance he was ranked as No. 1 contender since as of 17th December 2017. Following his recent fight in which he knocked out the Dutch martial artist Allistair Overeem known as “The Reem”, he had advanced in to the next round of the chamionship competition. His victory over “The Reem” stepped up his level of fame.

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Francis Ngannou vs. Allistair Overeen, UFC Knock Out

Nganou’s next opponent and main rival at the moment in the UFC championship is the American Martial artist of Croatian descent Stipe Miocic.

Standing in Ngannou’s way is champion Stipe Miocic, the hard-hitting Cleveland native who also has a lot to fight for. Since winning the belt in May 2016, Miocic has brought a modicum of stability to the perennially problematic UFC heavyweight division.

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Stipe Miocic, UFC

History, however, is not on the American’s side. In the entire life of the UFC’s 265-pound title, no one has ever successfully defended it more than twice. A win here not only makes Miocic’s bones as a dominant champion, it immediately forges him as an all-time great



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