Saturday, November 17, 2018

Football: Cameroon drops Six places in new FIFA Rankings


The world football governing body FIFA published this Thursday 15th of February 2018, the classification of the month of January – February national men’s football teams rankings.

The Cameroon national men’s team made one of the most resounding drops. The reigning African champion went from 45th to 51st position, a six-place decline. And as a result, Cameroon runs the risk of dropping further in the next monthly ranking.

Cameroon is out of the TOP 50 and is ranked 6th nation in Africa, far from the first team of the continent. As of the continental rankings, it could be seen respectively as; Tunisia 29th, Senegal 27th, DR Congo 39th, Morocco 42nd, Egypt 43rd, before Cameroon 51st, and coming sixth in the continent. The only impressing thing that could be heard of Cameroon in this ranking is just the fact that they stay above the gigantic Nigerian National side, which its still at risk of having a swap at the next ranking update.

At the top of the world rankings is the status quo with Germany, the best football nation in the world, followed by Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and Belgium in top 5. The next FIFA appointment is on March 15th, 2018 for the new monthly ranking of national teams.

The FIFA Coca Cola ranking table could be gotten from the pdf document. on the link [ The FIFA_Coca-Cola World Ranking – Ranking Table –].



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