Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Fons of Mbengwi and Kai die in a motor accident. [Pics]


The two traditional authorities were going to a meeting in the political capital of Cameroon – Yaoundé 

Thaddeus Njokom, Fon of Mbengui and Doctor Akam Thomas, Fon of Kai, two villages in the Momo department in the Northwest Region died in the afternoon of yesterday in a road accident on the Bafoussam – Yaoundé highway. The drama occurred precisely at Bantoum II, a village in the Department of Nde.

“The two chiefs were in a car that collided with another. They died instantly. Their car was flashed for speeding before Bantoum II coming from Bangangté. Their driver refused to stop at the checkpoint of the gendarmerie and the traffic cops were after them with their bikes. The car driver of the chiefs lost control and collided with an on coming car.”said a local.

The speeding and the irresponsibility of the driver of the car of the victims would therefore be the cause of this drama. The gendarmerie brigade of Bantoum II opened an investigation.



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