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Five things never to do after EATING


Five things never to do after eating

To most people the only activity that comes after a meal is for them o either look for a comfortable position to lie and watch a movie, this might seem comfortable but what most people don’t know is that it is dangerous to their health. Here are five things which you should never do after eating

1 Sleep

Sleeping immediately after eating is not good, according to a study by the medical school of Loannina, sleeping immediately after eating increases the chances of the person of having a vasculary cerebral accident. Therefore the advice is for people to sleep at least 1 hour after the last meal

2 Smoking

This is too bad for some people who are addicted to tobacco, however if you are a smoker and you value your health, then you should limit your smoking to some hours after your meal. This is because nicotine which is present in cigarettes mixes with excess oxygen which is necessary for digestion. Also smoking immediately after meal increases the chances of intestinal and lung cancer

3 Taking a bath

Bathing immediately after eating is not good for the body in that, whenever we bathe, the body increases the amount of blood fluid present in the arm and the body, this reduces the amount of blood fruits present in the stomach for digestion thereby making the process of digestion ineffective

4 Eating fruits

Most of us grew up thinking that we can eat fruits at any moment, but the reality is that fruits are best eaten when the stomach is empty, this is because the enzymes needed in the digestion of fruits is different from the enzymes needed in food digestion. So eating fruits immediately after meals causes indigestion and stomach burns

5 drinking tea

Drinking tea immediately after eating inhibits the absorption of iron by the intestines which in the long run can cause anemia. This is because tannic acid which is present in tea mixes with the iron proteins in our digestive system thereby reducing the amount of irons the intestines absorbs. So next time after your meal, make sure you don’t do any of this things

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