Monday, April 23, 2018
Southern Cameroon Struggle

Faulty information on school resumption in the Anglophone regions sent to Minister


Cameroon: Minister Jean Ernest Discovers He’s Being Misled, Immediately Instructs Principals To Transmit To Him Informations Reflecting Their School. . The Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bebehe has called on his collaborators to ensure that all information is treated with diligence, thoroughness and objectivity within this highly sensitive period. He made this known in a Ministerial circular addressed to all Regional Delegates, Divisional Delegates and Principals under the ministry of Secondary Education on Saturday September 2, 2017.

Minister Ngalle Bebehe noted with disappointment that statistics on students enrolment and on the situation of teaching and administrative staff in Schools are being transmitted to his service uncompleted and late. The Secondary Education boss, noted with frowned at the manner in which information, especially at this turbulence period in his ministry. Stressed that this way of functioning has greatly prevented him from having reliable information for timely and appropriate decision making. He instructed the Regional Delegates right down to Principals to transmit on daily basis till October 30, 2017, accurate statistics reflecting the real sutuation on the ground. Principals will submit information of their respective schools to divisional delegates, who in return will forward it to the Regional Delegates, who will forward it to the competent authorities, he added in the circular.




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