Friday, April 20, 2018

Fashion: NABELA Association To Promote Black Women To Grow Natural Hair


“We came up with idea of inserting Association to the name NABELA because we intend to form an association for Beautiful Nappy Ladies….Wherein, we could deviate the minds of several young ladies out there to be much more contented with their natural beauty.This is an overview of the said Association.”

This group forms or constitute part of young ladies who still see their natural hair as a piece of Gold not to be tempered with thus,keeping it jealously.

As aforementioned, the name NABELA is all combination of Nappy Beautiful ladies with the whole idea of sensitising Young Ladies and Women to come back to their natural hair which is the frizzy hair,encouraging those still keeping their curly hair and also to promote natural styles such as braids,dreads just to name a few.

Added to these objectives is the most important which,we intend to create an atmosphere of self confidence in staying all naturally beautiful without being swayed by the western world through their factitious or unnatural styles such as greffes,closures and the list continues…. In all,keeping you Beautiful Nappy Ladies stay all naturally beautiful with your natural hair styles is our main priority.



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