Saturday, December 7, 2019
Did u know?

Facts about Israel you might want to Know


Everybody knows about the Biblical israel, the nation of Jesus, Abraham and the likes of Moses, but there lies more to be known about Israel(the country)

1 Israel is just 68 years old proberly younger than your dad

2 Jerusalem in Israel is the worlds smartest city and the first to be fully covered with WiFi

3 You can literaly float on warer in the Dead sea in Israel 

4 Israel is one of the 8  countries in the world to send a satellite to space

5 Tel Aviv in Israel is in the top ten of the world most beautiful women

6 Israel is the first country to create the anti virus

7 Israel shipped about 60 million flowers for last year’s valentine

 8 Lady Gaga’s shoe designer is israeli
9 Israeli scientist have created a car that runs on water and air

10 Jerusalem is the only capital in the world claimed by two countries​



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