Friday, April 20, 2018
Southern Cameroon Struggle

Explosion in Bamenda leaves 3 police officers wounded at the Hospital Roundabout


The Anglophone crises from all indications has taken another level
An explosive that went off this Thursday September 21, 2017, has wounded Three Police officers and a Starlet spot vehicle at hospital roundabout in Bamenda. According to an eyewitness, the locally fabricated explosive (cooking gas cylinder) was carefully planted and detonated where some men in uniform always use for their resting spot.

The three police officers have been rushed to the Bamenda Regional Hospital. The governor of the North West Region was at the spot to get first-hand information on what actually took place. Adolphe Lele said it’s a terrorist act and it’s an attack against the state. Promising that the state will beef up security measures to face the oppressors. He later on paid a visit to the hospital to see how the injured trio are farring.

At the time of this report, movement has been prevented around Hospital roundabout as the entire area has been militarized. The three Police officers have been badly injured on their legs as a result of the explosives. Sources say they might not be able to walk again. This is the third time this act of explosion is taking place at hospital roundabout not far from the Regional Hospital in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon.




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