Friday, December 14, 2018
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Dr.Fontem Neba and Agbor Bala placed in solitary confinement and are forbidden from visits.


Four detained people in the Cameroonian capital prison – Yaounde who consider themselves to be “political prisoners”, started a hunger strike on Monday to protest the ill-treatment they claim to be victims of. 

The day before, the cells of the victims, nicknamed Mixed Mobile Brigade (BMM) which once hosted the protesters of the former regime of the country, had been thoroughly   searched during which precious objects Of the detainees were confiscated by the penitentiary’s management.

Their names are Fontem Neba, Agbor Bala, Aboubakary Siddiki, Abdoulaye Harissou and Ahmed Abba.

The five men are placed in solitary confinement and are forbidden from visits.

Fontem Neba and Agbor Bala, two leaders of the English-speaking civil society consortium, have been detained since the violent demonstrations that shook the northwest and south-west regions since last year ending.

Note should be taken that Fontem Neva and Agbor Bala are accused by the military tribunal of acts of terrorism, hostility against the fatherland, secession, revolution, insurrection, outrage to the President of the Republic, outrage to the constituted bodies and officials, group rebellion, civil war and propagation of false news. 

They are subject to the death penalty in accordance with the law of the 23rd of December 2014 on the repression of acts of terrorism. 

Politician Aboubakary Siddiki and notary Abdoulaye Harissou, who were prosecuted in the same court for contempt of the president of The Republic, hostility against the homeland and revolution, complicity in assassination and illegal possession of war weapons risk the same punishment.

As for Ahmed Abba, a correspondent in Hausa language of Radio France Internationale (RFI), he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It was on April 24 in front of the same court, which convicted him of “laundering of terrorism products” that he pleaded guilty. 



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