Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Douala:Man Caught With A Luggage Containing Rough Diamonds Worth 630M CFA


Custom services at the economic capital of Cameroon confirm the arrest of a certain Mr.Abadi Choudi a British national of Lebanese origin after he was caught in possession of a luggage containing rough diamonds which could be valued at about 630 million CFA francs.

It was reported also that this diamond trafficker arrested at Douala airport has been targeted long before successfully captured by the cops. 

Sources close to the case suspect that the diamonds found in Abadi’s possession came from the Central African Republic (CAR)who are a known as a major producer of these stones. Note should be taken that CAR also shares a long land border with Cameroon. 

In December 2016, an NGO known as PAC(Partnership Africa Canada) denounced the incapacity of Cameroon’s public authority to implement the Kimberly process( an international mechanism for trading diamonds marketed around the world). This report revealed that Cameroon allows conflict diamond from CAR to cross its border and penetrate the legal chain supply due to its weak controls, smuggling and corruption. Even though all these allegations were denied by the local Kimberly process implementation monitoring committee; this fresh arrest of a trafficker stands as an upper hand of Cameroon respecting the Kimberly process.



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