Friday, December 13, 2019
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Documentary: The Pain of South African women[video]


The pain of South african women is not the one any man can sustain the way the women do in their daily life routing in the streets of Joburg. Women are being abused and have little or no freedom of their own. Nowadays  little girls are being abducted for rituals by some lazy rascals who want to make it to the top by all means.

Last month count alone about 63 women who were abducted. Some of the women are even abused by their fellow patners and yet do not voice out what they go throught to the public but decide to live with it due to the level of intimidation they are faced with. We witnessed such a case with late Karabo who was murdered by her boyfriend and body burnt.

Our women no longer walk in the streets freely in a country of their own. They no longer trust anyone. They even can’t ask for directions.

With all these happenings can one say things are getting better or worst for the social economy as a whole?

Everyday thousands of South African women use taxis and they are harrassed by men. Such behavior is not encouraging for the growth of an economy such as South Africa.

Soul City Institure made a short live video to showcase the type of harassement South African women face in their daily routine in the streets and are bound to live with it.

We must stand as one and #SafeTaxisNow for all women,mothers and young ladies

watch video below.

Imagine how it could be. We the public demand #SafeTaxisNow for ALL women. Watch the video here

— Soul City Institute (@SoulCity_SA) June 1, 2017



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