Monday, October 15, 2018

The distribution of Tabacco into Cameroon to be controled


The distribution of Tabacco into Cameroon to be controled

Cameroon administrators examine tobacco control methodologies

Cameroon administrators under the Network of Parliamentarians for Tobacco Control, have pondered on some tobacco control methodologies in the nation.

The administrators met on Wednesday July 5 during an abnormal state backing workshop.

Opening the consultations, Hon. Emilia Lifaka, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, encouraged the MPs to think of productive proposals that could help bring a draft tobacco control charge.

Talks at the course centered around the distinctive sorts and parts of tobacco items and their threats to people, and in addition exercises done by the common society to push for better tobacco control approaches in the nation.

At last, the legislators set out to organize tobacco control in the nation, restrict smoking out in the open spots, bring issues to light on the destructive impacts of tobacco, embrace an arrangement of building up a permit to showcase tobacco items among others.


source: journal du cameroun



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