Saturday, November 17, 2018

Couple fall from window and die in the process of love making


Wonders shall never end, this time around its China, they say Chinese things don’t last maybe Chinese sex is also short lived, this was the case of this Chinnese couple who wanted to try something, “sex by the window” this did not end well for them as the  pair are said to have fallen from the window of their  apartment block in the Chinese city of Wuhan when the window they were leaning against shattered.

The couple most have been really fond of each other as eyewitnesses say that they held on to each other as they fell to the ground .According to The Sun, a source in China said: ‘With the two of them holding each other tight, they fell out of the building.’Shocking pictures emerged on a local website showing the couple being covered in sheets by police.Blood is spattered on the pavement nearby and detectives are seen examining the scene.The couple’s bodies were pictured close to a bicycle which was laying on the ground, but there were no reports that anyone on the ground was injured in the incident.

The reason of their falling has been blamed on the window which had a problem, sources also say that the couple surely went by the window to cool themselves as the heat from the action was too much, this cooling  process actually ended with them falling on the ground to their death .Wuhan is the most populous city in central China.With a 3,500 year history it is one of the most ancient and civilised cities in China.


Source:Daily Mail



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