Thursday, November 14, 2019

Controversial ‘leaked’ document allegedly reveals Ballon d’Or winner


○A controversial document has been unveiled on social media.

○A sheet of paper with the names of Ballon d’Or candidates was allegedly left by a UEFA official at Vodafone Park after the Super Cup clash.

○The document says Leo Messi is going to win the award again while Virgil van Dijk is the runner-up.

Leo Messi is going to pip Virgil van Dijkto Ballon d’Or this year. That’s according to a ‘leaked document’ that has been recently revealed on social media.

Allegedly, the paper was left by one of UEFA officials at Vodafone Park following Liverpool’s triumph against Chelsea in the Super Cup clash. A Twitter user posted an image of the document with a caption: “Look what UEFA forgot at Vodafone Park”.

The numbers on paper show Leo Messi as the winner with 252 points to his name while Virgil van Dijk is the runner-up at 224 points. Cristiano Ronaldocompletes the top 3 at 181 points.

Despite the ‘sensational’ character of the tweet, it’s more probable that the whole thing has been made up. Not that we think UEFA are the most honest lads in the world but it’s still really unlikely any UEFA official would leave a paper of such importance after watching a game of football. After all, why would you take it to the game between Liverpool and Chelsea?

Anyway, it’s not too long until we find out – the Ballon d’Or ceremony will take place in the first fortnight of December.



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