Wednesday, December 11, 2019
RumoursSouthern Cameroon Struggle

Conflicting reports say internet connections would be interrupted and a curfew imposed in the Anglophone regions


A notice that was read few minutes after the CRTV 8:30pm news, Thursday September 21 2017, has indicated that there will be no movements within the City of Bamenda whether from or to other divisions for a period of 24hrs.

Another source has been telling us that internet service will be shutdown from 11pm in North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. . After the source, just few minutes after a mobile telephone provider sent in a message. The information reads…. “Please, be informed that due to system maintenance, you will experience disturbances on our network tonight between 11PM and 2AM. Apology for any inconvenience. It’s yet to digested by the population if these rumours are true or untrue. Speculations have it that this latest developments is as a result of the three police officers seriously injured at hospital roundabout following a locally made explosive.

The Governor of the North West Region after visiting the injured told the press it was act of terrorism and went further to say the state will reinforce to face those behind the act because it’s an act against the state.




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