Monday, December 17, 2018

Commander of the Ashong Gendarmerie brigade killed in the North West


A gendarme was killed this weekend in Batibo, a town in the northwestern region of English-speaking Cameroon, in the grip of deadly tensions between English-speaking separatists and law enforcement for several months, a local official said Monday. .

The commander of the Ashong Gendarmerie Brigade, in the rural district of Batibo, was killed on Saturday by unidentified people, according to Batibo MP Joseph Mbah-Ndam.
The body of the gendarme was found in circumstances that remain unclear, reported several local sources.
“This is the only body that has been found although some talk about several missing soldiers,” added Joseph Mbah-Ndam.
According to him, the inhabitants of Ashong left most of their village after the discovery of the body.
The Cameroonian authorities did not react on Monday.
On Thursday, March 8, Interior Minister Paul Atanga Nji took measures restricting the movement of motorcycle taxis to prevent further deadly attacks by secessionists in the region.
A security reinforcement was sent on the spot over the weekend to hunt down the English-speaking separatists, according to a source close to the army in the region.
The separatists

Anglophones, via social networks, report retaliatory actions of the army in the area for several days. The people have taken refuge in the countryside, according to them.
On Wednesday, a soldier was killed and three students wounded in Batibo in an attack by English “terrorist militias”, according to Paul Atanga Nji.
Two administrative officials were kidnapped in February in the same region by English-speaking separatists.
According to security and administrative sources, Batibo is one of the most “strained” regions of English-speaking Cameroon.
The security situation in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon has deteriorated considerably since 47 separatists, including their leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, were extradited at the end of January from Nigeria to Cameroon.
To date, according to concordant sources, none of their relatives or lawyers had access to them.




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