Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cameroon’s Sotrabus Becomes The First Vehicle Assembly Unit In Central Africa


For two years now, Central Africa holds its first vehicle assembly unit based in Cameroon. This company is know as SOTRABUS( Bus Transformation company). They specialize in the assembly of 45,50 and 70 sitters buses. Since its launching, this company has created over 150 jobs opportunity. The workers assemble atleast 2 buses a month which is encouraging for a start.

According to Albert Mbafe Konkou, the mechanical engineer in Cameroon who controls the capital of Sotrabus, the buses produced in the port area of ​​Douala are tropicalized, since they are adapted to African roads. Sotrabus also aims to conquer the continent in the medium term, starting with Central Africa.

According to the top management of Sotrabus, the company has already mounted more than 20 buses since its inception. These machines are today the pride of some local companies (Finex, Trésor Voyages, or Princesse Voyages, etc.) of interurban transport, active on the road triangle Yaoundé-Douala-Bafoussam.

Given the enthusiasm of the carriers for these first buses made in Cameroon, the Sotrabus managers will shortly go from a production of 2 buses to about 15 each month, reveals Albert Mbafe Konkou, mechanical engineer and former developer of ” A transport company which, first, has taken the step of the construction of vehicles in Cameroon.



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