Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Cameroonian man arrested in Dakar with a WHOOPING sum of 328 billion CFA francs


Accused of “attacking the security of the State” and “money laundering” with a sum of 328 billion CFA francs, Rilke Ngongong was arrested on the 25th of June at the Dakar airport in possession of fake documents and a sum of five million CFA francs cash in his suit. To justify himself, he claimed to be on a business trip. The Criminal Investigations Division of Senegal argues that this is not the case. The case is before the courts.

The senegalese media nicknamed him “Karim Wade’s mule”. Rilke Ngongong went to court on Tuesday, 04 July. He is accused of “assault on state security” and “money laundering” amounting to 328 billion CFA francs. 

The arrest of Rikle Ngongong dates back to Sunday 25th of June, in Dakar. The man thus identified presented himself to the agents of the customs as a quatari businessman on mission in Senegal on behalf of the company “Qatar Investment Authority” (Qia). But it would have been reported well before his landing. What led these agents to submit it to excavations. 

A computer, a USB stick, many files and a sum of five million CFA Francs were found on him. Forced to explain, Rilke Ngongong, who had four other passports in his possession – Cameroonian, French , Ghanaian and American – claimed to have entered Senegal to meet a contact. 

He will pretend to be a relative of Karim that he will try to join on Whatsapp without success. File analysis is continuing at the Criminal Investigations Division. The results to date have put the investigators on the trail of an alleged accomplice of Rilke Ngongong, a financial engineer living in Italy. The latter is missen since the arrest of Rilke Ngongong. The identification of Rilke Ngongong continues as well. The diplomatic representation of Qatar in Senegal would have been contacted to confirm the Qatari nationality of the character.




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