Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cameroon: Opposition accuses Paul Biya of campaigning


Cameroon: Opposition accuses Paul Biya of campaigning before time.

The message of the Cameroonian head of state Paul Biya on the various advertising spaces of the country in which he pledges that “Cameroon will be ready on the said day” for the organization of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2019 is considered by the country’s political parties as “a campaign before the campaign”, as a prelude to the presidential election scheduled for 2018.

For the leader of the parliamentary opposition, the Social Democratic Front (SDF), there is no doubt that the president of the republic is in power. Already in the field, especially since a provision of his political formation makes him the “natural candidate of the CPDM in the presidential election”.

“We denounce this grabbing of public space by the Head of State because this is contrary to the law and good morals,” affirms the SDF.

The message itself is an excerpt from the head of state’s speech when he received the national sports movement last Thursday at the presidency of the Republic, in which Paul Biya pointed out that “African Nations Cup 2019 is already in the way; we have an appointment with sporting Africa right here in Cameroon. And Cameroon will be ready on the set date, I make the commitment “. When the advertising company was brought forward to explain why the president’s image was featured on the advert, all that the advertising managers could say to defend themselves was to link it to the CAN 2019.

The duration of this campaign is not determined, it can extend over several months especially as the inspection missions of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) are expected in Cameroon. “There are still about two years for CAN 2019. We could vary the messages. For the moment, our officials have not yet told us if the campaign will go outside the city of Douala. If so, the display will be on conventional panels because, as far as we are concerned, our Led screens are only in the city of Douala “. Aged 84, 35 of whom have been at the head of the country, Paul Biya has been invited by his supporters for several months to run for another mandatory in 2018, although until then he has not yet said anything about his political intentions.



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