Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Cameroon National dialogue: The S.D.F presents conditions for honest discussion


The SDF officials were invited just two days into the series of discussions undertaken by the PM.

This is an acknowledgment of the important role expected from the party, a party that has also paid a high price during the ongoing crisis.

The meeting was held behind closed doors but reports talk of a very convivial atmosphere and frank exchanges.

National Dialogue: SDF considers conducive atmosphere as essential to outcome

The SDF has stated that it will like discussions to address the root causes of the problem with the aim of adopting a new constitution on the form of the state.

The party proposes the convening of a General Anglophone Conference.

Concerning the dialogue, SDF will like the timing and conduct of the exercise to be consensual and the atmosphere made enabling.

According to the party, the National Dialogue will be successful if;

– There is a ceasefire

– The military is excluded from the debates

-The armed forces / separatists are demobilized

-All persons held in connection with the crisis are released

-There is a designated mediator to coordinate the talks

The Prime Minister once again stated President Paul Biya’s readiness to resolve the crisis that has hit the English speaking regions in the past three years and counting.

The different representatives identified in President Paul Biya’s 10th September speech is indicative of his resolve for an inclusive dialogue.

Conscious of this, the SDF party has undertaken to contribute to a lasting solution.




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