Friday, April 20, 2018

Cameroon: Minister Of Justice Proposes Legally Actions Against Social Media Defaulters


Cameroon’s Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals,has pleaded for appeal court to start penalizing social media activists dragging the name of the Country on Social Media.

According to Minister Laurent Esso, a bunch of unidentified persons has been given the latitude to use social media to insult, castigate, and violate existing laws of the Cameroon, which, he notes is unacceptable.

The keeper of seals in the circular demanded that such fellows be identified and legal action be melted against them.

The Minister’s anguish and disappointment about some social media users stemmed from the fact that any Tom and Duck now poses as a Journalists. Many of whom post news items without proper gathering process taken into consideration. Lacked of treatment and dissemination after getting the information. Some just uses social media platforms like Facebook and What’app just to insult and criticize all government actions without any mastery of context.

With all these shortcomings, the Minister petitioned the court to do something real fast before things go wayward by 2018.



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