Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cameroon: Head Of Examination Centre Allegedly Payed People To Write For Students(Probatoire)


While everywhere else the candidates for the probatoire examination this year are already fixed on their fate, those of the Mozogo examination sub-center which groups the schools of this borough located in the department of Mayo-Tsanaga, do not still their fate till date and for some reasons their results have not yet been made public.
What is problematic?

According to sources close to the educational milieu, the “abnormality” of candidates’ grades in certain subjects in this sub-center of the Far North, which is also located in an insecure zone, has aroused suspicions and led to investigation. In the meantime, the Board of Bac suspended the publication of the results. Whether the candidates of this sub-center, with such prestigious and suspicious notes, had been exceptionally brilliant for the occasion or whether something reprehensible had occurred. “The rate of admission was very high, above 90%, while the national average turns this year around 37.77%,” says one to the Office of the ferry.


If the results of the investigation are not yet known, indiscretions suggest that the current suspicions about the probation are only the tree that hides the forest, in the course of the examinations in this sub-center. Some speak clearly of the existence of a system skilfully set up to make candidates successful. In this register, the denunciation of the Principal of the Adventist College of Koza sounds like a serious warning to the Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibehé.

In June 2017, in a correspondence addressed to the Mayo-Tsanaga Departmental Delegate for Secondary Teaching, your journal had obtained a copy and had already denounced the substitution of candidates for the BEPC in the Mozogo sub-center. He had even named the pupils who had given themselves to this ploy without, however, anybody. On the phone, Hamadou Diguir Joël is categorical. “I actually alerted the administration. Those students who cheated, I know them very well. They are on leave right now, “he says.

A denunciation corroborated by many candidates. “I found myself in my examination room with some of the upper class comrades. My sister told me that she had also been contacted by a school head in order to write instead of a student who was totally foreign to her, and that in exchange for a sum of money, “reports one student from the Adventist college in Koza. At the latest news, the echoes of tensions related to the non-respect of the contracts between the “mercenarycandidates” and their clients are heard here and there in the districts of Mozogo and Koza.


The case is so intriguing that the police in Mokolo opened an investigation and began to hear some suspects, who can not be counted on to sit down to table.

The investigation also intends to elucidate the attitude of the supervisors of rooms in this subcentre, accused of having given a precious help to the candidates. “All this must be seriously considered. It emerged that strategy had been developed to blur the criteria for designating supervisors and to assist candidates.

For example, professors found themselves supervising the tests of the subjects they teach in order to give a valuable help to the candidates. Why was all this done? For two things it seems to me: to have a high success rate, and also for money, “says a police source. Meanwhile, pupils and parents remain waiting, eyes in a vacuum.



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