Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cameroon Baptist Primary School Nkwen Burnt to Ashes


It can now confirm that the Baptist Primary School in Nkwen, owned by the Cameroon Baptist Convention has been burnt to near ashes.

This story has now been confirmed, even though it is not the secondary school section as the pictures say
Reporters from the scene of the incident can confirm that the class-rooms of the Primary School and the office of the Head Teacher were all burnt down to ashes.
The act from some unknown individuals took place in the night of Saturday breaking Sunday August 13, 2017.
This act has received serious criticism from both the Press and the general public in the North West Regional headquarters Bamenda.

A Journalist who prefers not to be named, posted on his Facebook wall early Sunday morning, openly condemned the act.
According to him, the Church is supposed to be sprayed with sympathy and endless prayers from the public not burning for God’s sake.
“The Men of God are in Court fighting against the regime, here there are receiving bullets from the very people they have been trying to defend”, he added.
Another journalist reacted quote “Hmmmmm quite saddening. I think these are schools we shall need even if the independence were to be granted haba”.
The man on the street who preferred as well not to be name, thinks the men of God are being paid in their own very coins for dining with the oppressors.
Asked why, he said ” they have opened their doors for the academic year and must have received bribes or pressure from the State, to start the registration and admission of both the old and new students and pupils.
To him, the CBC should not take such an engagement when they visibly know they don’t have protection from the State 24/24.

Another native from the North West thinks the burning of learning institutions in the two Anglophone Regions, is condemned and is an act of terrorism, this action may push, others to start applying metaphysics, since actors are unidentified”.
The government can’t yield to calls from opposition to demilitarize North West and South West Regions if the burning spray continues, another furious individual said





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