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British former colonies (Southern Cameroon & Hong Kong) in the quest for Independence


British former colonies (Southern Cameroon & Hong Kong) in the quest for Independence

Two former British colonies from different continents fight for their freedom after revising the laws which have been governing them for years now.
Cameroon has been witnessing threads of separation from the the english speaking part of the country unlike Hong kong has been been threatening china to cut off and be a country on it’s own.

The story of Cameroon began with the marriage of Southern Cameroons to La Republique du Cameroun after a plebiscite in 1961; these two states came together in the form of a federal state. This federalism was however short lived as it was abolished by the then president Amadou Ahidjo and replaced with a unitary state under the name, Unitary Republic of Cameroon in 1972.

This marriage did not wipe out the laws or cultures that both parties had been keeping during days of colonial rule, so the Southern Cameroons maintained the Common Law legal system and the English language which they had adopted from their colonial masters Britain and the French speaking part of Cameroon on their part kept their French language and the Civil Law legal system which they had adopted from their French colonial masters.

This marriage was done happily and both parties were satisfied. Like in any marriage bond, this union was to be indiscriminate and honest. All development done politically, socially and economically was to be implemented to both parties. Maybe the old leaders of The Southern Cameroons didn’t see the way they were shifted from their marriage benefits and vow.

Their children are today fighting a cause they believe is right and just, known today as the #AnglophoneProblem .
A problem which started with a peaceful struggle of Common Law lawyers demanding for the equal respect and implementation of common law as compared to Civil law practiced in the French speaking part of Cameroon. This move by the Anglophone lawyers didn’t turn out well for the ruling government as it gave the Southern Cameroonians the courage to release their stomached problems and criticisms on the government.

They seek to cut off of the marriage they signed for in 1960 since they believed La Republique du Cameroun did not honor the terms of marriage. Their cry is that they still have the same infrastructures they had before the marriage 57 years ago with no major changes. Speaking of infrastructure, the Southern part of Cameroon feel discriminated upon as compared to her couple La Republique du Cameroon. No main infrastructure can be seen in southern part of the country.
Since 2016 till date the English speaking part of the country has been fighting even though lately the rate of the protest has dropped due to the capture of the main leaders of the protest like Mancho BiBixi and Balla Fontem. So far Southern Cameroon has registered between 10 – 15 deaths.

The Republic of Cameroon is the only democratic country in Africa so far with just two presidents in the list since the independence was granted to her in 1960.

China Today is not the same china we all knew in the 90’s. China today is one the world’s fastest economy and most populated. Since from 2014, the Country has been experiencing a protest from of her special administrative region which is Hong Kong.

Hong kong is a former British colony which was give to the china in 1997 after the the 99 years of lease he New Territories, north of Hong Kong island, expired.
Since then, as agreed by the early chinese and U.K leaders, China has been ruled under ‘the one country, two systems’. Even though the island Hong Kong has more freedom than the mainland territory, China still has always been in control of the elective process.
Presently, according to the Chinese law Hong kong citizens can only vote political candidates that have been pre-approved, hence making it very impossible for the ballots to be criticized.

Critics have dismissed Beijing’s plan as a ‘sham democracy,’ prompting threats from pro-democracy activists to shut down the Central financial district.

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