Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#BridgeCollapse Resulting To The Closure Of The N3 Highway


In the early hours of wednesday 9th of August, a bridge on the N3 highway collapsed leading to the complete closure of the road. The closure is from Van Buuren Road to M2 Geldenhuis Interchange.

Three injuries were recorded as a truck collided to the bridge. Due to the severity of the accident they were airlifted to the hospital.

Here’s the alternative route you can use.

From the Linksfield Caltex, turn left onto Civin Road

Turn left onto Van Der Linde Road and drive southeast

Turn right onto Van Buuren Road

Turn left onto Cleveland Road

Turn left onto Francois Oberholzer ramp.

Keep left onto the M2 and drive west

Turn right onto Cleveland Road and drive northeast

Turn right onto Jules street

Turn left onto Geldenhuis Road and drive northeast

Turn left onto Van Der Linde Road and drive north

Turn right onto Boeing Road West and drive northeast

Get onto Civin Drive and then turn right onto Club street



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